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Meet Crux Aurum. Business analytics tools—from a team of industry experts—that improve healthcare operations and revenue with the power of data.

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Built Specifically for Healthcare Finance

Leverage claims data like never before

Although hospitals have more operational information at their disposal than ever before, experience has taught us that this data often isn’t leveraged to its full capacity. That’s why we developed Crux Aurum. As the leading business analytics solution for healthcare systems, our software pairs your data—even if it is unorganized or fragmented—with the most robust financial data in the industry. The results are easily digestible business insights delivered in an real-time dashboard interface.

Revenue Recovery Experience


The average cash collected from payers per facility for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)

Revenue Recovery Experience


The average cash collected from payers per facility for hospitals

Contracting Data Experience

10% Uplift

The average increase for hospitals accomplished by a combination of contract language management and geographical payment comparisons.

Charge Master Experience

We leverage our geographical data comparison to provide clients with the best charge master that yields the largest net from payers.

Eye Opening Claims Data

Your data, analyzed with over 30 million claims

We believe data should be at the core of every strategic decision you make for your company. This is why Crux Strategies™ built Aurum™. Our proprietary analytics capabilities, built on over 30 million claims, contains the financial metrics for every hospital, ambulatory surgery center, specialty physician practice and post-acute care facility in the U.S. By leveraging these real-time, cloud-based metrics as the foundation for our data-driven roadmap, our team is able to craft unmatched analysis for clients trying to identify financial and operational challenges.

Transform Data to Actionable Financial Insights

Spot trends and take action

Our analytics experts at Crux Aurum quickly transforms external and internal data sources into an easily digestible database with actionable financial insight. Our team makes this information accessible to clients in a secure, cloud-based analytics dashboard—making your metrics appear in real time as actionable interactive infographics.

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